You are looking for a logistics group or a carrier to transport your goods ?

La solution Transport puts at your disposal a team of experts as well as a unique interlocutor, to organize your transport and to implement it according to your specificities (market, customers…) and the particularities of your flows (RDV, ADR, Trailors…).

Europe Map LST
  • Domestic transport

  • Transport Europe (including outside EU)

  • From 1 to 27 tons*

  • From 1 to 33 pallets

  • From 1 to 13 meters of linear floor

  • Grouping or Pallet Network

  • Partial / Full Transport

  • Dedicated or express delivery all over France

  • Dedicated delivery by car or van

* according to the regulations

Our services

Our transport capacities

  • Tautliner or Van
  • Carriers 12 to 26 tons
  • Tailgate up to 2 tons 
  • 3,5t dedicated
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Controlled subcontracting

  • Quality audit
  • Calculation of CO2 impact
  • Ged (insurance certificate, license, control of the BL issued…)
Professional / computeur
Truck / environmental

Our environmental commitment

To reduce our environmental impact, we implement a very strict policy. For example, all our trucks are equipped with efficient Euro 6C &D engines, using Pur-WTL, a green fuel with reduced emissions.

We implement the quality audit and the CO2 impact calculation through our subcontractors.

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